So I updated. Wow. I cant believe I actually did it. Updating. Man what a concept! I think I'll be able to do this at least once a month. Anyways I just came back from otakon. ^__^ Wheeee that was a fun convention! Most of the time i was in the gaming room so I didnt get to watch much anime... errr wait otakon is an anime con..urmmm well the video game room was huge man!!! OMFG. It was as big as the dealer's room. I was just stunned at the sight of all those video games. They even had a LAN setup with computers so that u can play Warcraft 3! How cool is that!? And man they had projection screens to play on too!!! Imagine video game sprites life-size walking around in front of you!!! XD. Man what a dream come true =D. So I give mad props to Otakon for puttign together a kickass gaming room. Anyways I also entered a Capcom vs SNK 2 tournament. Well I lost. But I made it kinda far! XD. Of course the guy who beat me had to be a guy who could dish out a 22 hit combo -_-. Yeah from the last guy I beat then to him was like taking a stroll then to end up trying to bring down a mountain with my bare hands. gah >_<. Errr so urmm anime? errr I watched my first shonen ai (boy X boy love story)..^^;;;; Rotten Teacher's Equation... was very hilarious!!!XD Every guy on the show was gay!! Ahahaha. It was like a shonen ai making fun of shonen ai. I recommend it even if you dont like the genre. Very funny stuff. So yeah there were alot of really cool costumes this year. There were some particular that stood out for me cause well... they had hot chicks wearing them man!!XD I'm telling you anime cons seem to be infested with more hot girls every year wearing more and more daring
costumes..not that I mind. It's just that now I'm going to have to invest into a good-ass digital camera ^_^;;;;;;;. Yeah I'll have some photos up later on that my friends took for me.

Peace out,

Whoa I got my site up. It's a miracle! Yay! finally after 2 years I have a fully functional site. The grestest part of this site is that it's so easy to update!XD. Unlike flash where updating is a pain to do. Here in HTML world you can just copy and paste and your done. HTML rocks! But I still use flash. It's a great program but unfortunatly many people lose sight of design and functionality for cheesy effects when using it. So I decided to just do a hybrid. Part flash and part HTML. I have to admit somethign though. Writing HTML is fun!! Ok I'm out and thanks for visiting my site. - K