This is my links section where I display all of the sites I visit the most or that I have come across that deserves mad promotion.

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illustration related links
[Asylum Garden] This is my friend’s Lauren Site. She gots skillz. She also likes to design websites and has the biggest collection of video games I’ve ever seen O_O. I am so freaking jealous.

[Estrigious] What can I say? Skillz pouring out of their pores. These girls have always been an inspiration ever since I started to post my work on the web and will always continue to do so.

[Sundang] A site owned by my friend Mark. He got some really kick-ass stuff. Mad skillz right here. This dude is multi-talented in the arts; from fine arts to computer skillz.

[Jo-Chen] Ok total professional person here. She works for Dreamwave Productions (Dark Minds, Warlands). Have to admit she’s the best artist they have in their studio. She truly brings an asian artstyle to the American comic book world (cause she was raised in asia =P).

[Nitty Gritty] Korean artist. Has a career designing video game characters. This guy’s coloring makes me pee in my pants. He also got some awesome ass character design skillz. Dude does 3d stuff too. Way too multi-talented.

[Felaxx] This is Amy's site. Yes another friend who got skillz. Yes I do live in an enviroment where everyone gotz skillz. Go to her site. Her skillz is awesome. Oh and check out her comic Reman Mythology. Kickass read.